Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Resourceful Weight Loss Site

Some of you may know me from my regular blog, Stray Thoughts. :) I embarked on the May Day Weight Loss Challenge and decided to do so on a separate blog.

I wanted to tell you about a neat site my bloggy friend Kim told me about called SparkPeople. It has a ton of articles and resources. There is a daily food tracker where you can enter in what you have eaten and it automatically figures out the calories plus the fat, carbohydrate and protein grams. There is also a chart for recording exerice, though I haven't used that one yet. You can set up a profile page and join different communities based on your health needs and interests if you'd like. I have only been on it a few days and have only scratched the surface of what's offered.

And best of all -- it's free.

You can see more helpful hints and tips at Rocks In My Dryer.


Justice Fergie said...


I'm doing the May Day Challenge too. Keep up the good work!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I love Spark People! I keep track of what I eat there and my exercise. I love that it's free too!