Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday weigh-in

I just lost 1 lb. this week, but I was surprised at even that: I was hoping to just maintain and not gain. I dealt with "that time of month" and a few indiscretions, and weighing at other times this past week, I had actually gone up. So, to find out today that I had actually lost even just 1 lb. over the course of the week was encouraging.

I mentioned last week that the only real change I had made so far was not popping something into my mouth every time the urge came. By not giving in every time, I am beginning to learn what things trigger cravings and urges and temptations. For instance, I was really craving both sweets and munchies in general for a day or two when it dawned on me that my period was probably triggering them. I had heard other people say that they craved sweets during their period, but I had never made the connection since I just gave in most of the time anyway.

So -- even though I still have a long way to go in just learning how to have a healthier lifestyle, finding out what kinds of things trigger cravings is one step in the process.


Laura said...

Well done, Barbara! Cravings - brutal little buggers. I often tell myself (and I've left this on a few other blogs today), "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

You might want to check out the Beck Diet Solution book, too. I am in no way compensated for promoting it; I've just found it really helpful. It provides personal exercises (not physical work outs, but journaling, decision-making, will power, etc.) that can really make a difference in facing the predictable ups and downs of dieting. Helps to stop self-sabotage quickly!

You can do it!

Denise said...

One pound is good, hang in there dear one.

Sally Bradley said...

You're right, we pop stuff in our mouth all the time! It's one of the very few cons of being a SAHM!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

What is it about "that time of the month"! Drives me crazy. You'd think we'd be LOSING at that point. Jeepers.

And good job!

Melli said...

Breaking the "sweet" cravings takes time. You almost have to go completely without for about a week to get past the "addiction" - and then to recognize the true "cravings" when they do come! But I keep a supply of fat free chocolate jello pudding cups on hand -- and they are AWESOME for getting past a craving!

If needing to nibble is a real problem for you, I suggest chewing gum or some type of sugar free hard candies. Allow yourself one of them an hour until you find yourself really only wanting one or two a day! It doesn't take long! But make sure you just suck on them -- NO BITING!!! LOL!

Mama Bear June said...

Love your Bible verse. Recognizing triggers is a good step! It's easier if we just make a couple small changes at a time. And one pound lost is awesome!