Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The May Day Challenge

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I have been needing to lose weight for a long time. I wanted to start a separate blog to talk about weight loss issues because I didn't want it to overtake my main blog, Stray Thoughts.

I had actually started a folder in Word to write about weight loss issues, waiting until I could come up with a catchy name for this new blog. :) But the May Day Weight Loss challenge at Tales From the Scales (isn't that a clever title?) starts today. Though in one sense it scares me to death to actually post publicly about this, in another sense this may be just what I need to jump-start my progress.

For the May Day challenge post we are supposed to talk about our struggles, goals, motivations and frustrations with weight loss.


I have never been skinny. I always probably carried a bit of excess weight. But it didn't really get noticeable until after I got married, and then just grew from there. I have always been fairly sedentary. I was the most active in college, but also picked up (more) bad eating habits in the dorms. With those habits and the sudden decrease in physical activity, then 3 babies, then an illness that affects movement, the weight has steadily increased. This has to stop.


I need to lose about 114 lbs. (blush). I know, of course, I won't reach that by the end date of the challenge in September, but any progress I can make will be a step in the right direction.


1. As a Christian I should be temperate and do all, even eating and drinking, to the glory of God (hence the title of this blog). My body shows I have been out of control in this area.

2. Health. Being overweight has a multitude of negative effects on health.

3. To feel better

4. To look better

5. To not cause shame to my family. None of them has ever expressed shame, but the only near-fight in school involving any of them happened with a boy in one's class making a remark about me.

6. To be able to find clothes I like (including undergarments!) that fit well and look nice.

7. To not get out of breath and tired at the merest exertion.

There are other private reasons which I won't include here. :)


I just like food. Too much, obviously. It is going to be hard to not give in to those desires. Plus finding time for an exercise that works for me will be a challenge.


I am going through Dr. Phil's weight loss book. I have looked at various diet plans and not been thrilled. In looking through Dr. Phil's web site about weight loss, he seemed to have a lot of common sense. I am not a fan of his and haven’t watched much of his show, but I bought his book and have started reading it. I will chronicle some of the exercises here. It will help me keep on track and hopefully garner some encouragement, plus writing things out helps me gain perspective and think things through.

In a sense I wasn't sure if I was ready to go public yet since I am still in the getting-in-gear mentally part of the book -- it's another chapter or two before we get into the actual plans for dealing with food. But I wanted to get in on the May day challenge.

Since my other blog is hosted by WordPress and I don't know much about Blogger, it may take me a while for this to look like a homey place. :)


Elizabeth said...

I will be praying for success for you - and all of us! I know the time was right for me to sign up as well.

I love your blog by the way and was happy to see you on this challenge. Kind of like walking into a room and seeing a familiar face. :)

Robin said...

Oh, together we can do this! I understand so much of what you are saying. I relate so well to so many of your reasons why you want to lose weight. I will be praying for all of us as we begin this journey. I will keep in touch and look forward to seeing your successes!

Southern Girl said...

Oh, Barbara, I understand exactly what you mean when you say "I like food." Except I LOVE food! Other than one brief period, I don't think I've ever been an emotional eater -- my downfall is that I love how food tastes. ;)

I'm going to do my best to resist giving into those desires though -- you do the same and we'll both find success! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Denise said...

Sweet one, you can do this, I will cheer you on. I am taking the challenge too.

Susan said...

Hey Barbara. Love your blog and love the fact that you have "gone public". Accountability. As Christians, especially, it is important. We will all hold each other accountable with encouragement and compassion and love.

You can SO do this! We'll help each other.


Thea said...

Barbara, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! It doesn't matter how much you have to lose or how you do it, it's just important that you do it! Your motivations are right on target for succesful weight loss. I know you can do this, and we will be with you every step of the way!

Losing It said...

Good Luck with the Challenge. Together I'm sure we can keep each other motivated to carry on when the going gets tough.