Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday weigh-in

Well -- I don't know what to make of this week's weigh-in.

I didn't "diet" over the Thanksgiving weekend, though I don't think I went hog-wild either. Monday morning I stepped on the scales with trepidation, and was relieved to find I was the same weight. Then Monday evening my monthly visitor arrived. Then this morning I was four pounds over what I weighed on Monday. Whether Thanksgiving caught up with me or my period added that much or what, I don't know. I did start this week with new determination to keep on track, so hopefully that will show results with next week's weigh-in.

One positive note, though: last week I tried on two of my favorite winter dresses that were too snug last year. This time they were fine when I was standing but still a little too tight when sitting. But that little bit of tangible progress was so encouraging, and a "doable" short-term goal has been to be able to get wear those dresses before winter's over.

What are some short-term goals that have helped you along the way?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm holding steady this week with neither loss nor gain, which is good, since I haven't been watching things like I should.

I had a really deep thought recently: Nothing is going to change unless you change something. :) I keep not wanting to change what I am doing or give up what I love......but until I do, I am going nowhere in the weight department.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday weigh-in

I'm down a pound (Hurray!) Now I am back down to where I started from. I had gained two pounds right off the bat with this challenge (sigh!), so hopefully now the momentum is going the other way.