Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Portion control for chips

I know it is cheaper to buy big bags of chips and put lunch-sized portions in little plastic bags for school lunches. But once when I bought a big bag of different types of individually packaged chips just for variety, I noticed something. When any of us at home wanted to snack on chips, we stopped after eating the individual package, whereas when we had a big bag of chips, someone would take them down to the family room and watch TV while munching through half the bag. Not only was that unhealthy and hard to limit, but then I'd come near to running out of chips for lunches. The individual serving sizes made our chip supply last longer plus limited our snackage.

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Amy said...

Yup. Funny how that works, huh? Something about having to actually tear open another bag, just stops me cold.

Mom2fur said...

I think those little bags just make us more 'aware' that we're done...even if we don't realize it consciously. Because, really, after the first handful...aren't we just eating mindlessly? And regarding breaking a big bag down into smaller ones, maybe it isn't such a frugal thing. Think of the cost of those little the time to do it! Like you have extra time when you have little kids!

Mike M said...

Great blog!!! I will be back for more!