Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday weigh-in

It's weigh-in day at Tales From the Scales.

I lost 2 lbs! I'm so excited!

The only real change I have made is just not popping something into my mouth every time I thought about it. It is amazing how much I just do that by habit, or just because it is there and it sounds good to eat.

And really, with the Lord's help, if I don't think too much about what it is I wanted to eat and just go on and do something else, it's not too bad.

I still haven't quite formulated a "plan" yet -- I just finished the section of Dr. Phil's book about ridding your house of the wrong kinds of foods, and the next one deals with actual diets. Plus I am taking advantage of the one-week-free offer at Weight Watchers Online to see if I want to continue on with that. But just becoming more aware of what I eat is a good start. I'm really going to have to work on portion control. Sometimes just after I've had something I realize I could have had less. Sometimes it's just habit to have another spoonful of dinner.

I have found that going to the grocery store takes on a whole new dimension now!! Talk about temptation city!! I'm avoiding the temptation of Little Debbie snack cakes by only buying the kind for my son's lunch that I don't like much.

I didn't do even one day of exercise though, besides hiking through Wal-Mart. I need to incorporate exercise into my week.

Though I still have a long way to go, both in my weight-loss journey and figuring out how to get there, I'm very glad for a good first week.


Denise said...

Congrats on the weight loss, happy for you.

Joanne said...


Well done

Robin said...

Good Work! Even the smallest changes seem to make the biggest difference. Good luck next week!

Senkyoshi said...

Good job! I have a weight-loss blog at sparkpeople.com. When I found out about this website it was an answer to my prayers. The best part is it is absolutely, 100% free!

Mel said...

Congratulations on your loss!