Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in

I hadn't been reporting for the weigh-ins at Tales From he Scales...because I hadn't really been doing anything, and it seemed useless to just post that I had a few pounds seesawing back and forth every week.

I had only lost 9 lbs. since the original challenge last May (my own fault), but at my last check I had gained it all back.

I weighed in for the first time in a long while this morning and was pleased that I was back down 7 lbs.

I still struggle with being motivated enough to do what I need to do to get the results I need, and with being willing to make the necessary changes. If I don't make changes in what I do, the weight isn't going to change (duh!)

So I guess I need to review my reasons for losing weight as well as the Scriptural focus. Somehow I need to find the motivation to get back on track.

I am sad to see Tales From the Scales coming to an end.

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Mama Bear June said...

Hi, Barbara! Congrats on getting those 7 pounds back off! Jan B is going to do a Monday weigh in on her blog. I have to tell you what has really helped me stay motivated is the Skinny Songs CD. Have you heard of it? The songs are so much fun and make you want to continue the fight. Go check it out at

Hang in there and there will be several of us checking in with each other to continue the journey.
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