Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look great in 2008 challenge

My goal in the May Day challenge had been to lose 36 pounds. I only lost 5, and it is my own fault. I never did get into the habit of exercising, and though I took small strides, they were not consistent. My progress through the challenge had more ups and down than an amusement park ride. :)

However, this 5 lbs. is solidly off, and it would not have been without this challenge, so I am thankful for that. And the last pound took me below one of those weights ending with 0. Somehow it's an extra boost to get below those.

My overall goal was to lose 114 pounds. I lose 5, so my new goal is to lose 109 lbs. For this particular challenge I think I will set my goal at 20 lbs. For the last challenge I added up 2 lbs. a week for a goal of 36 lbs. and fell far from it: this time I will set my goal a little lower.

I did learn last time that "that time of month" wreaked more havoc than I realized with unexplained weight gain (probably water?) and mad cravings. But I did learn to take it in stride and not get all upset about it.

I also learned I have a "disconnect" mentally between wanting the goal and changing the behavior necessary to do so. I am going to spend some time going over my beginning posts here with the reasons I wanted to lose and the Scriptural focus to get me back on track.


Southern Girl said...

Oh, Barbara, I SO sympathize with you on the "that time of the month" water retention and terrible cravings. About a week before that time I am absolutely *ravenous*, and it's actually been only during this challenge that I've recognized that pattern. My best advice is to really stick with the good things you're doing and work extra hard those other three weeks, so maybe the damage done during that bad week won't be so bad. That week I give in to *some* of the cravings at least a bit, and don't try to deny myself. I figure my body knows what it needs right then.

Good for you for losing five pounds! I know it doesn't seem like much, but try picking up a five pound hand weight -- it's heavy! Now imagine hanging that weight around your neck and walking around. That's how much you don't have on you anymore, which is great!

Looking forward to doing this with you! :)

Mama Bear June said...

Yes, we can have all of the goals in the world, but in order to reach them, we usually do have to change our behavior! Darn it! ;-) Good for you in keeping at it and being willing to join us in the new challenge. Glad to have you with us again!
Path to Health

Ginger said...

5 pounds that is great, congraulation. I feel your pain I need to loose 40.

Gluttonynomore said...

Yes, those Krispy Kremes in the house.....calling your name...........I know their voice well. Remember you are in control of what comes into your house. It sure helps to have a cleaned (of Junk) kitchen when that time of the month comes along. Good luck, I too am trying to lose 20+ pounds by years end.