Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting reacquainted with the treadmill

Today was the first day I have exercised in ages. I got on the treadmill, thinking I'd try to go about 10-15 minutes. The first five minutes went veerrrry slowly, it seemed, while I struggled to find a comfortable speed. With TM I have a balance problem and my footing isn't great, so I needed to not feel like I was about to keel over. I thought it was going to be a strain to make it 10 minutes, but then I did, so I thought I'd try for 12. Hit that and thought I'd try for 15. I made it to 20 minutes (and about half a mile, so I wasn't going too fast).

I have to hang on the the handrails because of my balance problem, and I can kind of feel the pull across my abdomen.

I definitely feel more awake. I had almost talked myself into a nap but decided to try the treadmill instead.

I think exercising is one of those things I am not going to feel "inspired" to do and I am going to have to "just do it."


Linda said...

Barbara, I am so proud of you! You know what I did? I put a Lost DVD in and watched it while I was on my elliptical machine, and the time flew! I'm so glad to know you're a Lost fan, too1

Senkyoshi said...

Glad to see you posting at Sparkpeople again. You are a blessing. If it is any gets easier. If you keep at it, it will just be something you do everyday, like brushing your teeth. I've learned to like the exercise, because of how it makes me feel afterward.